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August 31st

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In the words of our 2016 valedictorian...

Good morning Ms. Peterson, administrators, faculty, staff, family members and friends, and finally, Nelson Academy’s graduating class of 2016. Thank you all for coming. My name is Michael Chhay, today’s valedictorian. Before anything, I would like to give a special thanks to my family. They give me undying love, no matter how many things I spill in the house, and they are the reason I'm up here right now.


Today we have all gathered together to celebrate, as the 8th grade students are finishing a chapter in their lives, and are eagerly starting a new one. We have spent three years in an arduous journey called Middle School; we started as little leaders, we climbed steps that were made for giants, and each day we rose like a sun, having unpredictable difficulty and obstacles ahead of us, and by difficulty I mean that when we think of a few things we did, we ask ourselves, "Why did I do that?" Middle School wasn't a total disaster though, we have experienced priceless moments of joy, gained an invaluable quantity of knowledge, and have discovered fragments of who we are and who we will be. Together we have went to one of our lowest points, when our beloved teacher Mr. Shaw passed away, and only a few days ago, when we took our fieldtrip to Knott's Berry Farm, we ascended, literally, to our highest as we rode rollercoasters to what seemed like the top of the world. Some know now that they want to become engineers, doctors, lawyers, even waterslide testers... Yes that's a real job.


We couldn't have done all this by ourselves. We had tremendous support from friends, family, and most importantly - good food. Oh, and did I mention Nelson Academy has the best teachers you can find? Teachers that not only have shown us the path, but guided us through that path every step of the way, pushing us to succeed. Teachers that sometimes got on our nerves, but only because they cared. They have put in continuous hard work and dedication for all of us, so for that, thank you teachers. Ms. Hammerness for helping start up my own club, Mr. Olgin for teaching me that Benjamin Franklin was a total ladies' man.


We made friends which we have crafted unbreakable bonds with, and even if we are going our separate ways, it won't necessarily be the last time we see each other. Some of us will cross paths in high school, college, even in the same field of work, some of us will never cross paths again, but one thing is for sure, no matter what events occur, we will always be apart of each other's lives.


But how are we going to succeed in such a competitive and complex world? Our P.E. teacher, Ms. Rosas, once said, "There are only two things you can control in your life, your attitude, and your effort." She made it clear that, in this world, who you are and who you will be is up to you, and you only.


We are the new generation, we are knights, and we will learn from our great leaders today, so that we can become the great leaders of tomorrow. We can change the world for the better.


In closing, I would like to give a simple piece of advice: Tomorrow is a hope, not a guarentee. So never hesitate. Whether it be taking a risk, or trying something new, life is much too short to think of what of what could have been.


In the words of Dr. Seuss - "Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened."


Thank You.


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Join WRAP!


Need help with homework?  Love sports?  Interested in becoming a leader?  Need a safe place to stay until your parents get home?  If any of these things interest you then you should check out Nelson Academy’s WRAP Program.  Long Beach Unified School District in conjunction with the Boys and Girls Club provide a safe and instructional after school program for students in 6-8th grade. 

WRAP students receive daily homework assistance with emphasis placed on math and the common core standards.  After Power Hour (homework) is completed, students participate in personal enrichment activities every day.  These activities include:  performing arts, visual arts, sports, leadership. Academic enrichment is also provided through the STEM, Literacy, and Health programs.  In addition, students participate in service learning activities designed to teach students the value of community service.

Hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 3:26-6:30 p.m.  For more information call Luis Rodriguez, Site Director, Nelson Academy at (562) 276-8618 or email at  Join WRAP where Nelson Academy students are Winners Reaching Amazing Potential.